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A New Car!! (insert Price is Right music)

December 19, 2018

Can you believe it? After 10 years with our beloved Little Pica (a 2008 orange Suzuki SX4), we finally bought a new car. Honestly, this only happened because we weren’t sure Little Pica would make it on the drive to South Carolina. 

Still, we’re so excited for such a luxurious vehicle! By luxurious, I mean bluetooth, rear view camera, remote start, and (gasp) cruise control. This is what happens when you wait 10 years to buy a new car; the very basics become luxuries. 🙂

This is how I’m thinking of our new loft in Greenville, too – a DISHWASHER! A washer and dryer IN THE UNIT! A thermostat that WE CONTROL! It’s a life of luxury, I tell you. 😉

We were sad to say goodbye to Little Pica, but we’re excited to welcome Little Luka to our lives. (Yay, l’il blue car!)

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