Moving to GVL: Day 1

We had a slow start to our journey to Greenville. Our plan was for our movers to come early morning on Wed. Jan 2, then they’d drive our stuff overnight and unload it in our loft. We’d follow a bit slower, staying in New Orleans (Ace Hotel, yay!), then driving the rest of the way on Thu, moving in that afternoon.

We didn’t anticipate our movers being so SLOW. They got started at 8am, and didn’t finish until around 2:30pm! We only have a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, people. I’ve never had movers take more than 2 hours loading all our stuff.

So we finally got on the road in the afternoon, and we stopped for what we thought would be our last Texas meal for a while: Whataburger!

These are “medium” drinks. What does a large look like?!

But we hit pouring rain, which made travel slow. Then the freeway was completely shut down for a major accident. Add to that our cat (who apparently is immune to sedation) freaking out a bit, and after 6 HOURS of travel, we were barely at downtown Houston (usually takes less than 3 hours). Just when traffic started moving, the rain poured harder, making it nearly impossible to see the lanes on the freeway – after a semi truck honked at me for straying out of my lane, I pulled us over and decided travel was OVER for the day.

We cancelled our room in New Orleans (dang.), found a room at Hotel Icon downtown (which we just happened to pass by), dropped all our stuff on the floor, took showers, and ordered room service.

This was their “chef inspiration flat bread with seasonal ingredients.” Pepperoni is seasonal?

So now it’s Thursday early morning, we’ve had some coffee, we’re finishing a few work things, and it’s back on the road. We’re guessing we’ll make it to Alabama today, and get to Greenville on Friday. Wish us luck!