Mama’s Sack Lunches

Day 2 of our drive to GVL was pretty uneventful (thank goodness!). Lots of rain, but no crazy delays. We pushed to make it to Montgomery that night, and I’m so glad we did! We found a Doubletree hotel downtown, had a mediocre hotel dinner, and crashed.

The next morning, we needed some breakfast. I searched the map for a nearby coffee shop/breakfast spot, and Mama’s Sack Lunches popped up. It sounded heavenly, so we drove over to pick up breakfast for the road.

The breakfast menu was pretty much things stuffed in a biscuit, which we didn’t mind at all. πŸ™‚ I had a biscuit with ham (“Just ham? You don’t want egg or anything?”), and J had a biscuit with egg and sausage. I really wanted to try all the deli salads – ham and peas, potato, chicken, tuna – all so Southern and full of mayo. (Also, fried balogna sandwich!!) But I opted for a fruit salad, because breakfast.

The owners were SO nice, asking about our trip, and our new home, and wishing us well on our journey. They handed us our sack lunches (breakfasts), and we were on our way.

How lovely are these bags?!

Our sacks contained a perfectly salty, very buttery stuffed biscuit, plus a paper napkin wrapped around a Hershey’s Kiss. WHAT. I fell in love immediately.

So Montogomery is now on our list of places to return to, just because of Mama’s Sack Lunches. πŸ™‚