We made it to South Carolina!

After three days of rainy, slow travel, we finally made it to our new home!

Let’s skip over all the logistics and pain points and annoyances, and just get to the important part: we love our new home.

We’ve moved into a loft in the Village of West Greenville, which is an artsy, eclectic, hipster sort of area (which, as you know, is totally us). The loft itself is gigantic compared to our previous home, and it’s super fancy, with a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, and TWO bathrooms! (Can you tell we’re used to living in quirky old apartments?)

Our cat is still on the fence about it all. She keeps finding hiding spaces like the one below. (Since you can’t see her face, she doesn’t exist. She’s sure of it.)

Our first priority upon arriving in GVL was: FOOD. We stopped at the Swamp Rabbit Grocery to pick up some basics for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning (pasta, broccoli, cheese, butter, eggs…). It was SO nice to have a home-cooked meal for dinner that night.

Lovely dinner, even though we were surrounded by boxes and mess.

I’m excited to get my kitchen all set up so I can start cooking and baking up a storm. It’s a big kitchen, with a lovely marble island AND a dishwasher – but being the crazy cook I am, it’s still not big enough to hold all my kitchen STUFF. I think a big order from the Container Store will be necessary. 😉