These Windows, and Groceries

Our loft has 20-foot ceilings and two giant windows that reach almost to the top. From them, we can see trees and neighborhoods, and just the tops of two downtown buildings.

Even more exciting, the windows open! No screens – just cool (okay, cold) breezes and fresh air. I have been a little worried about Little, and whether she’d try to jump up there and balance on the tiny windowsill, so we don’t keep them open often. But I think come spring, they’ll be open (just a crack!) more often than not.

In other news, we’ve been trying out different grocery stores to try to find the one that feels comfiest. It’s been tough – I’m so used to Central Market, and our tiny (but well-stocked) Fresh Plus in Austin.

We tried the Publix, which is fine, but not really fun. We visited a Mexican market, which is good for Mexican staples, but not much else. We shopped at The Fresh Market, which I had hoped would feel like Central Market, but it was small, and EXPENSIVE.

It looks like the best options for us will be Trader Joe’s (which feels comfy, and has some of our favorite things), and Whole Foods (which isn’t that expensive in comparison to Fresh Market, and also feels comfy and has lovely produce). Both of these are on the dreaded Woodruff Road, which is just a busy part of town with all the box stores lined up in a row. Thankfully, this is also where Chuy’s (and Target!) is, so our plan is to have a Chuy’s treat after every grocery trip. 😉

The closest markets to us are the Swamp Rabbit Grocery (cute and expensive, but limited), a variety of little Mexican markets, and a Wal-Mart, so I’m guessing we’ll hit those up when we need last-minute items. I do already sorely miss our little Fresh Plus, which was just a 2-minute walk away, and which had a rotation of friendly-but-somehow-surly teenagers working the register, and our pal Alfred bagging groceries. That and our little Corner Market convenience store, with the Indian lady who seemed to practice her English with us, and never judged us when we left with a bottle of wine, a bag of chips, and two candy bars. I miss Austin, but I’m determined to make Greenville feel homey. (Justin has to remind me that we’ve only been here 2 weeks, so it’s totally okay for me to be homesick, and not to have figured everything out by now.) 🙂