Oh hi

Oops! It’s been a month without a post. So sorry! I do love my optimism in thinking I could keep up with almost daily posts while starting a company. 😀

Things are still crazy and wonderful for us here in GVL. Work is exciting, ever-changing, challenging, and HARD (in a good way). I love that my brain is being tested daily (#nerd), and so far, my heart is keeping up. I’m not gonna lie – the homesickness is real, y’all. This time away has really made me appreciate the many things I didn’t realize I love about Austin! One night, our fave GVL bartender whipped up an agricole daiquiri for me, and when I smelled it, I cried. Small Victory, I miss you so! Grass is always greener, I suppose.

We have yet to go out exploring in the mountains or nearby awesome cities. It has been cloudy, dreary, and rainy nearly every day for… quite some time now. I keep hearing from the locals that this isn’t normal, and it will soon be sunshine-y and lovely, but then we get another weeklong forecast of clouds. I had no idea how much I need sunshine! So please say a few prayers and send sun our way.

Samosa chaat, vegetable biryani, and J in the corner

Yesterday J and I were SO excited, because we found our way from our loft to the Community Tap, and then to Publix, and back home – WITHOUT A MAP. This is real progress, peeps! Also exciting is that there was an Indian food truck at Community Tap, and we had super delicious, SPICY food.

Just like mom’s. Kind of.

Also, I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to make my mom’s caldo de res in the instant pot. Woot woot!

Anyway, we’re still alive over here, and still learning and creating and missing you all. We hope to visit ATX soon! xx