It’s April?!

Time is flying by over here. Spring has SPRUNG, and with it, intense allergies! I was so happy to leave Cedar Fever behind in Austin, but it turns out there’s plenty of Juniper here, and I’m equally allergic to that. So I’m pretty much an itchy, red-eyed, stuffy mess. But I refuse to stay inside in this gorgeous weather!

This week it’ll be in the 70s (though rainy), which is awesome. It’s already in the 80s in Austin, so we feel super lucky to have an extended spring here.

Since it’s been forever since I’ve posted, I have lots of updates! I’ll break them down into a few posts.

First of all (and most importantly), I turned 41! WHAT. How is that possible? I swear I’m 31, tops. Hopefully I feel that way for a long time.

Cool art on the walls

We drove to Asheville, NC to celebrate, and we started with lunch at Gan Shan Station. I was so excited to have SPICY delicious Asian food – something that is missing in GVL.

Salt & Pepper Tofu, and Vietnamese pork dumplings

Everything was delicious, and we loved that the whole restaurant was so well designed and themed. It’s something we realized we really missed about ATX – super thoughtful restaurant design.

Korean noodle salad with a side of black bean chicken and Szechuan cucumbers

I think that type of design is coming soon to GVL. There are SO many new developments popping up, all with local restaurants and breweries attached. There are a couple of coffee shops here that really feel like Austin, but most restaurants don’t have that vibe.

Which is why we’ll be heading to Asheville pretty often, I think. 🙂